About us

The POM Doors company provides to customers the highest quality production and service. All doors have quality certificates which guarantee their quality and safety during their use.
Our wide range of doors offers entrance doors to domestic, industrial and commercial markets with satisfying any the customer needs. 
All doors are made to your custom specifications.

“Skydas” doors comes to you with high ratings to BER (building energy rating) standards and with a very high rating by one of the most famous testing facilities the IFT ROSENHEIM testing laboratory in Germany and doors are certificated to 4 class security of burglary and  meet European Security Standard ENV 1627.

Our doors are triple glazed and suitable for low energy and passive energy houses. Even 1.2W/m of U-values are possible.
It’s most important that you choose quality energy efficient doors for your home, but it’s essential that the frames are fitted correctly, with air tight perimeter seals and also that they are properly insulated to the building structure. This ensures that you home will be energy efficient while complying with current building regulations.

Our doors are the best in security products regardless of your budget. Our same manufacturing skills and attention to detail go into every product regardless of how much or how little it costs. Even our lowest priced products are quarantined for security and safety. We guarantee every door we make.

We realize that the best security door in the world is only as good as the installation job and that is why we use only the best technicians to place our products in your home. Our expert technicians have been installing our security doors and other security products for our clients in a professional and timely manner for ten years. All of our installation technicians have been thoroughly trained and certified in all aspects of installation. We guarantee that our product has been placed in your home in a way that assures your security and safety. Our professional installers will complete your job in a timely and orderly fashion. They will carefully install your security door in your home to assure that it blends nicely. You will think your new door has always been there.

We offer full installation of our products anywhere in Ireland.