All the materials that go into our products are the very best available. Shield doors are the marriage of artistic design with technical know-how. We go to further lengths to assure our doors are indeed burglar proof, than any other doors on the market.

We use 2 plates of drill resistant Manganese, a hard metal alloy, on the door locks. We place the locks into a protective steel box within the door. We place six locking points on the external side of the door and an additional two paired directed upward and downwards on the opposing side. We conceal the locking pins with not just a single sheet but rather by 15mm of fixed profile of the door case.

Our hinges are 16mm pins with eight locking points.

We cover the door frames with panels consisting of two layers of grading and a layer of sheeting, so if the external layer of grating is disturbed or damaged the door is still protected. We use a double thermal insulation sheet with a layer of pressurized stone wool on both sides. This provides excellent noise and thermal insulation.

We then cover the entire ultra strong structure of the door with finishing boards. We fasten the casing inside the door with 17 shafts protected by 24mm of steal liners. Together all these elements combine to create the greatest quality door possible.

All of our other security products get the same great attention to detail and design, ensuring the best possible level of security in all our products.