SKYDAS STANDART is the basic, simplest and most cost efficient model of the SKYDAS doors. It is a reinforced door with excellent noise and thermal insulation. A SKYDAS STANDART can be customised, and is also available as a single or double. After selecting a finish with UMIDAX-HLS board and a galvanised sheet structure, a door can be perfectly used for outdoor applications.

Standard product description:

  1. Door frame – bended rectangular profile.
  2. Door leaf – specially bended metal construction.
  3. Hinge with supporting beds, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 2 items.
  4. Cut protective roll pins for door hinges (Ø16 mm) – 2 items.
  5. Insulation seals – 2 items.
  6. Eye hole Ø14 mm.
  7. Outside and inside door finishing – optional.
  8. Outside and inside architraves – optional.
  9. Locks – optional.
Product specification:
  • Rating of sound insulation
41 dB
  • Rating of thermal transmittance
1,3 W
  • Resistance to repeated opening and closing
Class 5
  • Indentification of resistance to wind load
Class C5
  • Measurements of air permeability
Class 4
  • Indentification of water tightness
Class 6A
  • Indentification of mechanical strenght and rigidity
Class 4
  • Indentification of fire resistance
EI 45
  • Indentification of burglar resistance