The SKYDAS PREMIUM is a very high quality door set whose structure features extra rigidity and resistance. We were the first in Lithuania to manufacture an extra safe door which was certified and received a very high rating by one of the most famous testing facilities – the IFT ROSENHEIMtesting laboratory. Following the tests carried out in this laboratory, the SKYDAS PREMIUM door was certified to a high level – the 4th burglar security class WK4 (according to the ENV 1627 standard). The tests performed indicated that the SKYDAS PREMIUM protects against fire for as much as 45 minutes, and can withstand a temperature of 1000 °C.

Structural features of resistance:

  1. Identification of fire resistance – EI45.
  2. The lock is protected by 2 plates of drillingresistant manganese.
  3. The body of the main lock is installed in a protective steel box.
  4. Ultra durable hinges.
  5. On the hinge side, there are eight locking points (pins) of 16 mm diameter.
  6. On the lock side, there are six locking points and an additional 2 pairs directed upwards and downwards. The door panel consists of a combined structure: grading, sheet and again grading, so if the external grating has been damaged, the door is still protected with the sheet and internal grating.
  7. Double thermal insulation of the sheet: a 3 cm layer of pressurised stone wool on both sides of the sheet. It provides excellent noise and thermal insulation for the door.
  8. The entire ultra strong structure of the door is covered by finish boards whose colour and design can be customised.
  9. The lock pins are not only protected against damage by a sheet, but by the 15 mm flexed profile of the door panel. The casing is fastened to the door opening by 17 shafts protected with 24 mm steel liners.